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. >>> u.s. senate panel investigating tax evasion has accused credit suisse of using cloak and dagger tactics that belong in a spy novel. it alleges c.s. bankers made 150 trips to the u.s. between 2002 and 2000208 orchestrate a large scale tax evasion scheme. some of the things credit suisse is accused of operating remote controlled lifts, and bankers accused of filing false visa applications pretending they were tourists and advising clients how to dodge u.s. tax laws. the senate hearing kicks off late today, shares trading at the bottom, just down just over 3% in trading today. >>> the firm came out to say it considers its insurance policies for wealthy u.s. citizens to be tax compliant. credit suisse has been preparing for investigations into its products known as insurance wrapper wrappers. the long arm of the u.s. treasury, by the way good morning, everybody. you didn't say good morning. >> good morning, sorry, good morning. >> good evening if you're watching in sipping apore as well. good e-mails coming out of credit suisse or conversations out of the investigation? >> it's a li
progress on some sort of a national property tax. given the property tax, although it seems residential, will that have knock on effects through commercial? >> i think they've been talking about that. every year at this time, people grabbing headlines. what will pay attention to government policy? it's not surprising they've been talking about property tax. that's been anticipated for many years. i think the market has digested that. everybody expects it to be gradual. so it's important to start having property taxes. if you hold property in china, there's no property costs. if your home is sitting there empty, there's no penalty because you don't really feel hurt. that's why the worry is there are so many buildings and not being occupied and not being neutralized. and so having introduced the property tax will deal directly with that. now, continuing to hold the property if there's a tax you need to pay every month? >> highly rated u.s. companies sold more than $19 billion in debt on tuesday, the busiest day of the year. they looked to take advantage of recent rallies in u.s. treasurie
for u.s. equities today. ftse down 100, individual corporates to focus in on, rbs posted a full-year pre-tax loss of more than 8 billion pounds that has unveiled a 570 million pound bonus pool, stock off 6.4%. man group up 10.5% after impressive full year figures. funds under management left the companies aa slower pace than expected in 2013 as the firm attracted more new investment. rsa down 3.4% is where we stand, the firm's planning to plug a capital hole with asset sales the former rbs ceo steven hester now taking over at rsa and wpp, 5.25, saw sales rise in 2013 but investors left unimpressed by a warping on margins. the ceo told cnbc he should have been more aggressive in emerging markets. >> they are our most profitable markets now. over the coming years we'll be more aggressive. if there's one thing i regret about the last ten years is that we didn't go fst aer. >> posting a 2013 net profit of nearly $4 billion and allianz down 2.3%, raised its 2013 dividend after roughly meeting market expectations. the company saw a strong performance from its property division but life and health
what he describes is an armed occupation at the airport. >>> luxottica is hit with tax issues in the fourth quarter. >>> there is speculation the central bank will widen the country's trading ban. >>> and janet yellen says she needs a firmer handle on the data before she can blame the weather for recent weakness. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> warm welcome to the show. plenty of moving towards surrounding ukraine. >> absolutely. we just heard in the last few minutes the ukrainian prime minister separating out the political noise we're hearing for the economy. he said they're taking clear steps to provide the ukraine with international financial aid are being taken right now. they accept the ukraine is independent. they hope to boost reserves and stabilize the situation there. they talk about the imf here, too. they expect record credit instruments from the imf to increase saying to them that they will provide funding in the next couple of days if they can agree with it. and a key priority, of course, is
to cut taxes for more than 30 million working americans and expand credit for middle class families to avoid child care and college costs. president obama will ask for more spending on u.s. infrastructure, such as highways, bridges and trains. now, old man winter strikes again. the senate banking committee has postponed today's confirmation hearing for three nominees after a storm blanketed washington with 2 to 8 inches of snow shutting down the federal government. no new date has been set so far. now, back to our top story. a deadline for ukrainian troops to withdraw from crimea has passed with no shots fired. nbc's bill neely has the latest from the region. >> reporter: russian intrups are fighting their grips. they've fought wars before to take this region. this time, they didn't have to, marching in without firing a shot and taking it in just three days. the russian march against crimea is relentless and it seems unstoppable. the big question is where exactly in ukraine will these men stop? russian troops now surround ukrainian army bases, this one of the biggest. ukrainian sold
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5